WG Illustrations


Artist: Michael Talada (X2000)
Artist's Home Web Site:
x2000's Secret Base (external link)

Copyright Notice: You can use any of these free models in both personal and commercial renders. You may also redistribute the models themselves as long as they are in the original zip files with all information in tact. You may NOT sell these items or include them in any collection of items for sale. If you do use any of these items, please give me credit. It is not required, but is a nice thing to do.

WEBMASTER'S NOTE: Since there are so many items, I'm going to break from the normal format and have Michael's work broken down into categories on this first page. Return to this page to navigate to new items and categories.

Model Categories Items
Robots   4
Aliens Stand Alone 6
Aliens Darcassian Add-ons * - (Page one two three) 14
Aliens Maradanian Add-ons * 4
Aliens Rhinoid Add-ons * 3
Interiors (Page one two three) 16
Clothing   4
Props (Page one two) 8
  * The Darcassian, Maradanian, and Rhinoid are commercial characters created by X2000. The figures are now owned by 3D Commune and will soon be available for sale again, so watch there for announcements:)  

WEBMASTER'S NOTE: I received permission to archive and make available all of X2000's free items for Poser. This is not exclusive. His Web site states the following:

I hereby officially grant permission for redistribution of all of my free stuff. Obviously you can't be selling any of it, but if at some point one of my hosts becomes unable to continue hosting, it would be nice for other people to take up the slack if they wish so that these models can remain available regardless of whatever may happen.

Mike is one of the most prolific, skilled and generous creators of science fiction items for Poser. I say generous because so much of it is free for you to use. As he fights a serious health condition, please take a moment to silently wish him the best as you enjoy the fruits of his labor.