WG Illustrations


Artist: Michael Talada (X2000)

Copyright Notice: You can use any of these free models in both personal and commercial renders. You may also redistribute the models themselves as long as they are in the original zip files with all information in tact. You may NOT sell these items or include them in any collection of items for sale. If you do use any of these items, please give me credit. It is not required, but is a nice thing to do.

Darcassian Add-on Section

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Item Image (click on to download ) Description & Requirements

Dress and sword for Darcassian character

Size: 1.7MB


Two jackets and a robe for Darcassian character

Size: 1.5MB


The expansion pack contains a bodysuit, gun, boots, goggles and a few poses for Darcassian character.

Size: 2.2MB


The trooper package contains armbands, chestplate, codpiece, and helmet for Darcassian character.

Size: 3.6MB

A rocket bike for the Darcassian character

Size: 642KB