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For visitors to the Web site:

1. Always follow the copyright guidlines of each artist! (Cardinal Rule)

2. Don't download items more than once.

3. Don't link directly to anything on this Web site, other than the front page.


For Artists who want to display their work here:

1. If any portion of your work is derived from some one else's work, you must give them credit, and follow any copyright restrictions they have on their work.

2. You must maintain your own Web pages on this site. (I am more than willing to help out. I just can't be the only one editing every Web page to add and change things.)

3. You MAY NOT alter the template in any way. It must be used to maintain continuity throughout the Web site.

4. Do not put more than six items on each page. It makes the load time too long if you put more than that on a page. Create a new page from the template, if you exceed six items.

5. You may not link to any adult oriented Web sites.

6. You may not sell anything from this Web site. All items must be free for people to download. You can limit their use to personal only in the copyright restrictions section.

7. You cannot have more than 5 megabytes of data on your "Artist's section", unless you have prior approval from Doug Barnhart.

8. You cannot store files on this server that aren't being linked to from your Web page.

9. You cannot use these pages to slander, attack, or in any way degrage another person or company. Content is limited to items, pictures, and descriptions of what the end user can downoad for free. You can also link back to your own Web site and/or other Poser and DAZ studio content Web sites.

10. Rendered images may contain nudity, but cannot represent any form of sexual intercourse.

Please use the contact form to request your own Web gallery on this site. You must have at least three original items to open up your own gallery on this Web site.

Visit How to Use the Template section before starting work on your pages.