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Artist: Sealtm2

Copyright Notice: All my freebies are intended for individual use only. Items that can be used commercially are noted by an (*) in the description and requirements next to the image. My freebies are not to be redistributed or sold in any way. I want all to be able to enjoy them so don't abuse them and please include me in a small credit in whatever venture you use the freebies in.

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Item Image (click on to download ) Description & Requirements

Morphs to extend V3's bunions to make feet look more natural Also info and links to other utilities to use to create   some what natural looking feet.

*Only morph targets can be used commerically.*


These are 2 smart propped ankle chains for V3 modeled in Wings and are propped to the right ankle of V3. For use with P4,PP,P5 and P6.

*Can be used commercially*.


Set of textures for the V3 flip flops found in the daz3d archives on page 6.  

NOTE: You must be a member of daz3d and logged into daz in order to download the free flipflops. For poser 4 and above. product link:


Textures for the female tees -n- tracks set for V3 & SP3. Product link:


Textures for the WWII Wehrmacht soldier for M3 by Ranman38. Item can be found in the free archives at Vanishing Point. *Can be used commerically*.