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I wanted to create a centralized place to come and download Poser and DAZ Studio items. The focus of this site is on each artist's work. I've come across so many artist who are having to use free download services with tight bandwidth limitations. The PoserProps emporium is an alternative for those who don't have a Web site, or are having to use some sort of download site to store their work. As an afterthought I realized it might be useful to those artist who do have a Web site, but are selling some of their stuff. This would just be another way to give away some of their free stuff, but link to the things they are selling.

Although the primary Web site is the TechnoWomb, there should be plenty of bandwidth and storage space for both sites.

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If you happen to sign up with them for hosting, please tell them that I sent you. I don't get anything for it, but good will and hopefully more attention when I send them a question.