Fallen Angel

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Wyvern: "Are you okay?"

Angel: Looking stunned and holding her head, said, "I'm not quite sure."

Wyvern: "Well you should really start looking where you are flying. You could have been hurt badly."

Angel: Starting to get a little red in the face and a lot angry, she shouted, "Well, I had the right of way. I was closer to the ground."

Wyvern: "The rule is the same as it is at sea. All smaller craft should give right of way to larger craft. It is just a question of maneuverability."

Angel: Getting even angrier, "You don't own the WHOLE SKY, you dolt!"

Wyvern: "Whoa, cool down little lady. With that temper you might just explode. Are you sure you're feeling okay?"

Angel: Her aura starting to flash a series of hot colors, "Because you weren't looking where you were going, I ended up flying full speed into a huge stupid dolt, that is five times my size. I fell to the ground and hit my head. Look, it is bleeding! NO, I'm not OKAY!"

Wyvern: "Are you feeling any evil thoughts? Maybe a desire to worship MY master?"

Angel: With her eyes flashing red, "You idiotic nincompoop! I fell. I'm not fallen."

The sky was almost blackened by a creature so large that it brought both the Wyvern and the Angel to a speechless state. As it came closer, they could see a tiny cherub astride a full size bronze dragon. It landed only a few meters away, and the cherub slid down the curved wing of the dragon, who had obviously let its rider dismount this way hundreds of times. The angel and the wyvern looked at each other, and in their sweetest voices.....

Angel and Wyvern: Together and almost in harmony said, "Hello Officer."


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