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Amy Dyson |
Your work is beautiful. It is easy to enter into the images that you create. Very nice. Keep up the wonderful work.
Friday June 20, 2008 - Florida Keys

elly |'s been some time since i last visited the technowomb.
I'm not sure I read your introduction and the part about dedicating it to Helen.that's very touching.
Saturday September 29, 2007 - Port Orange Florida

Douglas N. Barnhart |
Welcome to the feedback section of the Web site. The Tales from the TechnoWomb Web site is in the very beginning stages of being built. I hope to have at least a hundred or so images before I start submitting the site to search engines. So that will give you some idea of how far along I am.

Please feel free to leave feedback on the site as a whole, or on individual items by title. Although I prefer positive feedback, I will gladly accept constructive criticism, or even negative feedback. All that I ask is that you don't be abusive, use foul langauage, or post ads for commercial products. These messages will be deleted at the authorist's discretion.
Monday July 3, 2006 - Daytona Beach, FL

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