Still bumper to bumper on Fridays


Tuesday’s were always a bitch. It took twice as long to get to work, and was always the worst day for tips. Traffic was stacked up three lanes deep, vertically. What does that have to do with Friday’s? It was still backed up then too. The top two lanes were for anti gravity vehicles only. The ground level was for the older wheeled vehicles. Currently there was only one level of airborne lanes going each direction. When it got really bad, there would be two airborne lanes going each direction. Occasionally they would stack two more lanes vertically. Whoever made the decision on when to increase lanes, must’ve been asleep at the wheel. Because we definitely needed more lanes, and NOW!

In the old days, when all vehicles operated on the ground, they use to widen roads. With the average metropolitan building, being as tall as the empire state building, instead of that being an exception. It was cheaper to stack traffic, than tear down buildings. In fact, the real estate industry helped subsidize the research for agars. That is what the popular slang term for anti gravity cars was. Antigravity trucks became agucks. Everyone thought the technology would have something to do with magnets. In the teen years of the two thousands, you could buy toys that seemed to defy gravity by using magnets that repelled each other. The further you went from the ground, and the increased amount of traffic, made that approach unworkable.

By that time period, Google had pretty much mapped the entire planet. They made that technology freely available to cell phones and vehicle navigation systems. They were working on self navigating, and self driving cars. But with GPS positioning, you only had to go up to Z axis to locate vehicles in the sky. Whether it was 30 feet or 30,000 feet, it didn’t make a difference. Eventually the Google system became a singular air traffic and ground traffic control system. With their deep pockets, the first agars showed up around 2025. By 2030, they had kits which allowed you to retrofit older cars. The extra weight carried by trucks, took a few years longer.

With Google’s servers maintaining the position and navigation of every car plane and AG vehicle, accidents were a thing of the past. Insurance companies still had homes, lives and health to generate income, but the big car insurance companies mostly bit the dust. It’s a shame, because I used to really love those commercials with the little green lizard in them.