A mixture of art, literature, and surrealism:

The concept for this project came from a serial dream that unfolded over three nights.  I originally thought it was to be the next great American novel.  After several false starts, I laid the project aside for several years.  I recently came across a Web site by Gilles Tran called “the book of beginnings“.  I was so inspired by his work, that I wanted to do something along similar lines, but with my own art, writing, and twisted sense of humor.  This will be an ongoing project for me.  I hope to add to it my experiences, feelings and thoughts for the rest of my life.  So hopefully there will be new things each time you come to visit.

I shared the URL of Gilles Tran’s site with my best friend, Helen, and she was so taken by it, that she downloaded the whole site to enjoy on her own computer.  Shortly thereafter, she died unexpectedly at the age of 49, with her life not completed, and leaving a vacuum in mine.  So I dedicate this project of mine to her.

Since this project is a cross between words created by an author and images created by an artist, I feel a new term is in order. I hereby coin the term “authorist”, to represent this merge of creative talent.

As with any art, music or literature, it isn’t appreciated by everyone.  You may find the following images and words disturbing, thought provoking, interesting, hopefully not offensive, or maybe just weird.  The images are created by a method of computer generation called ray tracing.  This is accomplished by creating objects in three dimensions mathematically.  The next step is to arrange them in a virtual world inside the computer and place the lighting where you want it.  The computer then generates the image based on the information you have given it.  Afterwards some images are touched up in Photoshop.

The words that accompany the images are not intended to be complete stories.  They will sometimes expound on the image like a long title, and others will just create a mood or emotion that dove tails with the picture.  There will be some nudity in some images, but keep in mind that it is not photography, even though it may look like it sometimes.  So if you are offended by the unclothed human form, please move on.  What nudity does exist in these images is tasteful art and not pornography.

George Orwell the author of 1984 and Animal Farm, when asked why he writes, said “”…All writers are vain, selfish, and lazy, and at the very bottom of their motives there lies a mystery. Writing a book is a horrible, exhausting struggle, like a long bout of some painful illness. One would never undertake such a thing if one were not driven on by some demon whom one can neither resist nor understand. For all one knows that demon is simply the same instinct that makes a baby squall for attention. …” I concur.

Enough with the introduction.  I hope you enjoy your visit, and tell others.

Douglas N. Barnhart

Authorist’s Notes

01-doug-200x200-40kThis is just to explain some of my thoughts in the creation process of this project. When it is completed this section will be removed. It might even be considered a progress report section.

The end objective is to have twelve chapters of twelve images and text. That will total 144 exhibits, which is one gross. You may ask why that is important, but I can’t tell you. From a navigational standpoint the menu system at the left isn’t conducive to an easy viewing experience. It will allow the visitor to get to any one of the exhibits directly, but the format once the project is completed will be different. The menu system at the left will stay, but there will be a “next” and “back” button on each page. I am not trying to impliment that yet, because I don’t know the final order myself. Today, which is the 13th of July, 2006, I am going through and putting the title of each chapter. As I create exhibits, I will put them in the chapter that seems most appropriate at the time. The items that are currently in the first chapter will find their way to other more appropriate chapters as time goes on.

Postscript 11/24/2015 – I was using Google to try to find one of my stories that had picture of people sitting in a small theater. The first item that showed up was an article by the CEO of a company that writes about the New York Stock Exchange. He used the word Technowomb in his article, and it was dated January of 2006. I registered this domain name in June of the same year. That year I was filing for disability, and to be honest, I never read about the NYSE, unless it is a headline in the NY Times. Even then I don’t bother to read past the first paragraph of the news article. So I want it to be clarified that this domain name had nothing to do with me being exposed to that article (prior to the date of this entry). There were a few other uses of the word, but they were mostly separated into two word, (i.e. techno-womb).