For those who don’t know me personally, I am disabled. I have a degenerative neurological disorder. I am in constant pain. Among the eighteen or so medications I take each day is codeine four times a day, morphine twice a day, and Lyrica, which is so new it might as well be considered an experimental drug. For those of you who might think these images are narcotic induced fantasies, you are not familiar with pain in its extreme state. I do not get “high” on them as a normal individual might. All they do is take the “edge” off of the pain, and sometimes they don’t even do that too well. The narcotics do have a tendency to make me suddenly drop off to sleep in an almost narcoliptic fashion. Hmmm… putting those two words in the same sentence, suddenly makes me aware of the relation. There I go drifting away from the initial thought, another side effect. Anyway, the point of this diatribe is to say that these exhibits are more the result of pain, and my mind’s need to exorcise that pain.

Postscript 07/19/2016: I just finished moving my book from its old format to a more mobile device friendly format.

I lost 200 pounds after having gastric bypass surgery in 2013.  If I had not done so, my prediction of an imminent death around age 52, would have become true.  Actually there were complications to my surgery, and I was in and out of the hospital for the next year and a half.  On three or four occasions, they told my family, they weren’t sure if I’d make it through the night.  I am now sixty, and still here.  We never know how long we have, but it appears I have a second chance at life.  I still have many limitations and constant pain, but I am happy to be alive.