Tech vs. Magic

techvsmagic1280The NX2545 unit did a leap and roll maneuver firing both weapons at the same time towards the enemy. With both needle guns firing, there was a combined total of 8,200 projectiles per second hitting the creature. Still the effect of this barrage did not seem to be disabling or even slowing down its attack. The NX unit went to the next level of its programming.

Balthazar concentrated on the density of his energy field. He resisted the temptation to count how many shots were being fired. Anything that distracted his attention could prove deadly. Attention was what magic is made of. The ability to focus your attention on any particular task with such singular efficiency that you force changes in the reality around you.

To the neanderthal men gathered at what they considered a safe distance, the display was a battle of the gods. Everything about these two creatures was a mystery to them. Both had come from the sky at different times, and both had left them food. Now they were here at the same time, and there was no food without having to hunt.

In each case that one or the other creatures came from the sky and left them food they would take one or more females. The men of the tribe did not know if these creatures ate the women or what, but at times it made sense to trade the females for food. Times when food was scarce and mouths were plenty. Once a leader of the tribe traded a mate who was particularly bothersome. Sometimes they tied the women to a tree at the trading spot and no one came.

The battle between the two gods seemed to go on forever. The neanderthal men came and went getting bored after a while. The sounds of the battle rang out through the night as the men returned to their mates, offspring and the caves to sleep. At sunlight, when they arose they returned to the scene of the battle. Neither of the gods was there. They thought they would find the body of the loser, but it didn’t happen.

A short time after that, they returned to the trading place with more women to trade for food. They were surprised when they arrived to find females they had traded before, waiting there with offspring. Not having enough food for the current tribe, they promptly killed the females and the offspring. This happened a couple more times with slight variations. Once there was two females and only one offspring. They were killed on the spot. The next time there was one female with two offspring, and they met the same fate as their predecessors. Finally they arrived and found one female, one offspring and a lot of food. They let both the female and the offspring live.

As the offspring grew, the men noticed that the shape of the heads of the ones who returned with the females was a different shape than their own. These returned offspring also had less hair on its body. They also seemed able to do things the others couldn’t. Anything different was bad, and when food got scarce, they were driven from the tribe, but not killed.

Eventually the strange headed men and their mates had generation after generation of the hairless males and females. They prospered in the same lands where the neanderthal tribes could barely get by. Eventually the neanderthal men faded from the Earth entirely, and the cro-magnon men became the dominant species for the next 100,000 years.

The question is, which of the two gods won the battle?