Global Warming

globalwarming1280Coming to you from Moon Base Alpha, this is Doug, and I give to you the late great planet Earth. There hasn’t been anyone to transmit to for quite a while, so this is our last recording. I’d hold our flag up, but nationalities really don’t matter any more. In some ways, they may have led to this form of Armageddon. Maybe it was just coincidence.

Global Warming had been the buzz term for quite a while, and it was picking up momentum. It started with a group of scientist saying there is a hole in the ozone over Antarctica, and the polar caps are going to melt. This would cause the flooding of the Earth for a second time. It was met with much the same response as Chicken Little saying the sky is falling, the sky is falling. Everyone with eyes upward, could see that the sky was in the same condition as they had remembered it being all their lives. Maybe it was the believers of the rainbow as God’s promise never to destroy the Earth by water again. Either way, this discovery by the British Antarctic Survey in the 1970’s did not produce the call to action that they had hoped for.

We were later to learn it wasn’t global warming causing the hole in the ozone, it was women’s hair spray. When people doubted the ladies culpability in this atrocity, they included our refrigerators and air conditioners, so that everybody could be held responsible, except for third world countries without such amenities. The scientist got upset at the oversimplification and said it was manmade chemical containing chlorine such as ChloroFluroCarbons and also compounds containing bromine, halogen compounds, and last but ont least nitrogen oxides. They should have left well enough alone.

When we got to the stage where they were saying the hole in the ozone had nothing to do with global warming other than it was caused by humans affecting the environment. It is essentially the increase in the average temperature of the Earth’s near surface air and the oceans, as well as the belief that this phenomenon will continue. Where humans get blamed is in the fact global warming is caused by greenhouse gasses. For the last few billion years these greenhouse gasses have been varying in amount when influenced by solar activity, volcanoes, and even the Earth’s orbit. So human’s presence in the last fifty to one hundred thousand years can’t be totally to blame. They are just saying that we create more of it by burning fossil fuels and deforesting the planet.

It turns out that the lovely molten ball you see is not caused by holes in the ozone or greenhouse gasses. It was a combination of nuclear bombs and fault lines in the planet. The tectonic plates have been floating around on a sea of molten lava, ever since the single continent split apart. The stress caused by the plates moving is released in geological events like volcanoes and earthquakes. The tsunami created by the earthquake off the Sumatra coast on December 26, 2004, released 475 megatons of energy. That is equivalent to setting off 23,000 atomic bombs of the Hiroshima class.

Taking a page from the Al-Qaeda’s playbook, North Korea, Iran, and radical muslims with nuclear weapons from Pakistan launched simultaneous attacks on the United States. They didn’t go for population centers or military installations, they went for the St. Andreas fault and the New Madrid fault. These targets were not protected at all. Most of us are familiar with the St. Andreas fault along the border of California, but not as many know of the second most active fault in the United States. The New Madrid fault extends across five states, including Missouri, Arkansas, Tennessee, kentucky, and Illinois. It was a huge risk, but it started the chain of events the planners had hoped for. The Evil Axis as President Bush described them, had a very limited number of nuclear weapons. They couldn’t do the damage they wanted to the U.S., unless they could increase the effectiveness by a factor of 20,000 or more.

They say the idea came from Iran, which straddles a huge geological fault called the Main Zagros Reverse Fault, and deals with earthquakes on a regular basis. It was the first that the United States targeted in between the quakes that rocked the country. Next was near Quetta, Pakistan where 50,000 or more died in 1935. We couldn’t attack North Korea’s geology without affecting South Korea, so the battle plans laid for over sixty years finally came to pass.

It wasn’t until almost a month later, that huge cracks appeared and you could see the molten core of the Earth from here on the moon. Eventually spreading like a spider’s web, they engulfed the planet. Those in the International Space Station (ISS) and those of us here at Moon Base Alpha have survived this, but for what reason. Some of the last transmissions from the ISS indicated they had sunk to cannibalism. We are about to end it ourselves before we reach that level. The stores we have are all gone.