Battle Tent


They say that the winners always write history, thus say I that history shall be written by me. History shall know me as Michael the Brave, but I was raised the bastard son of a Wallachian prince with nothing to my name. Now I stand in this battle tent readying my army to fight the Ottoman Empire. My giant companion and bodyguard, Rakkaban nods as if he understands my plan, but I know that his mind is not his greatest asset. I have never seen another like him in battle. He could take on five of the greatest warriors from any land, and single-handedly slay them all. I thank the gods for his oath of fealty to me, for he could destroy me if he chose as well.

Even if my army rules the day, I must retreat to Transylvania. My troops are too few and too tired to chase the Ottomans into the core of their stronghold. But win the day I must, for it will free Wallachia from the rule of the Ottomans. Then to control Moldavia and bring the three Romanian territories under a single ruler for the first time. I am not the politician, I am the warrior. Let another rule these lands, but it is my destiny to unite them.

Not since the times of a century ago led by Vlad Tepes, when the Ottomans decorated many a spike, shall their blood flow. As they call him a monster, let my name be one too. The line of princes of Wallachia shall in the name of Christianity, water the lands of our forefathers with Islamic blood.

Epilogue: Michael the Brave did win the day, but had to retreat to Transylvania as he predicted. Instead of being labeled a monster as Vlad Tepes who had became known as Dracula, the Order of Michael the Brave became the highest military decoration of Romainia. It was instituted by King Ferdinand in the early 1900s.