Hung Out Again

tablewoman1280bAm I just stupid?  What do I do to bring this on myself?  Why do I believe that stupid asshole every time he says he’ll be here.  Am I that needy?  Does it show?

I just feel like I’ve been hung out to dry again, she mumbled under her breath.  The scent of the spicy Thai food brought a tear to her eye.  At least that was reason she told herself.  She glared at the empty chair across from her as the tear finally broke free from her eye, and rolled down her cheek.  She felt her meticulously applied make-up joining the trek down her cheek along with the tear, but didn’t even care now.

The gathering dark clouds, matched her mood and her growing anger.  She couldn’t decide if she was angrier at herself for believing him, or at him for not showing up again.  It was true that grey was touching her hair, but she had the body of a twenty year old.  Wasn’t that all that men wanted?  She had so much confidence in herself and pride in what she had accomplished in her life.  How could she let that overweight, loud-mouthed, bastard drive her to this point of frustration and shame.

A smile slowly started to find its way across her face. She had a little something in mind for him, when he deigned to come by again.

She finally took the spoon to the Tom Yum Kung soup, and thought to herself, even though it is cold, the taste is delicious.