authorist1280(Conversation with self – counterpoint is answering self)

I’m dying.

Well so is everybody else from the moment they are born.

But I’m only fifty and all my close lifelong friends are dead.


I’m lonely.

Do something about it!

But I can barely walk, and because of my vision being blurred I shouldn’t drive. I’m in constant pain so much that I have to take codeine four times a day and morphine twice a day.

So what? Do you think you are the only person in the world dealing with challenges?

How am I supposed to make friends?

You know those computer’s you’ve been working with most of your life… Well, reach out and touch someone.

You can’t make real friends over the Internet.

Well your father met his last wife on the Internet, and you met your past three serious romantic interest over the Internet. What is so different about finding a friend?

Did you know that a 2.8 GHz Pentium 4 is 31 times faster than an 8 million dollar Cray supercomputer built in 1975?

You are changing the subject.

Okay, I do feel like I’m here for a purpose, but I don’t know what. I never had a child, so I’d like to leave something behind when I leave this mortal coil.

Let’s run with that. What do you think makes you different than the people around you?

I’m not really sure, but at my age and the way I’ve worked with technology most of my life, I’ve noticed some patterns. Things like the direction that technology is heading and the way people interact with it. I’d also like to just express some of my opinions on things and show off my twisted sense of humor.

Do you think you are psychic?

NO! These are just observations and following them to their logical conclusion.

Well, why don’t you write them down.

Okay… but what should I call it.

How about, Tales from the Technowomb?

Hmmmm., that has a nice ring to it. I’ll think about it. I could do it like Shrek’s personality. In layers like an onion. Maybe I’ll hide a tidbit of obscure knowledge in each story that readers would have to look up. And I’ll do it with pictures for those with short attention spans, so that I cover the entire range of intellectual curiosity.